Welcome to the wholesale market of Al fakher!!

wholesale market


In this world as the stars is increasing day by day. The problem of cancer is also increasing.  People are addicted to tobacco very much. Here we will be discussing about the Al fakher hookah. What is the use of it? As we can see that the use of this is huge. They are trustworthy and branded company. You will always get the tobacco in stock. They sell various types of product related to freshness. The hookah which they provide gives you the flavorful smell. The most freshness you will enjoy all the time. Here we will know the variety of it in depth.

wholesale market

Various types

You will notice that you can find the product of hookah online. You can get the best out of everything. Some are mentioned below.

  • Al fakher shisha tobacco. You will get the best shisha wholesale You can use this as your own will.
  • Shisha super pack. The price is $40 approx.
  • Golden shisha tobacco of 250 GM. The price is $14 approximately.
  • Shisha ultra pack of 50gm. The price will be of $29 approx.

You can easily trust and buy any of the products.


Before you buy any product you think of the type. You can easily read the review of it. You can also get the depth knowledge from online source. Kindly trust them. You can always get best from them. They are the source of power which will never stop for you.